Ministry of the Single-heartedSince 1996

Ministry of the Single-heartedSince 1996


Bible Studies

Family Bible Study

      A Bible Study for the whole family. This study begins together with a time song and worship. The scriptures are read (usually the readings for the up-coming Sunday).
      Afterwards, adults remain in the main room while children and youth go to a separate room. The youth are asked to stay focused on their study questions for one half hour and then are to enjoy a game and conversation while the adults finish their study.
     All gather together again for rap up, closing song, & prayer.
     Our next Family Bible Study will be held on June 1, 2018 @ 6:30pm. The host home changes for each study. For more info, send an email through the contact tab.

       These Bible Studies were recorded at Sacred Heart of Jesus in S. Philadelphia at our weekly bible studies. I pray that they help you to come closer to Our Lord.

Ministry of the Single-hearted